For both cats and dogs alike, we are “The One Stop Mobile Center For All Your Pets Need”. As you proceed, you'll have a better understanding why our services are the best choice for you and your busy lifestyle, but also the only way to go for your best furry friend!

Those little accessories that make a difference all year round! 

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Dog Grooming


All dogs go through their bad hair, run in the mud, smell like doggy moments. Rest assured that we will always pay close attention in providing the royal all-inclusive treatments for your loving fur babies.


Creative Grooming

Graphic Design Services 

Cat Grooming


Even kitties need their pampering sessions. Regularly grooming not only will reduce human’s allergies, but will also reduce shedding and greasy coats. Now that Is kitty bliss at its best!

Pet Sitting Services


If you have used our grooming services before, and would like us to watch over your furry kids while you’re away, we would be glad to do so on or off-site. Give us a call to discuss out your options.

DMK Marketing Solutions

Pet Accessories


Who would know what’s best for your pet’s grooming needs other than your own groomers. Feel free to get shampoos, to pet perfumes, to combs and brushes, that best suited for their skin and body type, and know you’re in good hands.

Winners of People's Choice Award!

*Creative Grooming Competition*

All American Grooming Expo 2015

Theme: Wonder Doggie & Friends

Dog Model: Khaleesi

Up & Coming Creative Groomer of The Year Award!
*Creative Grooming Competition*
Groom Expo 2015
Theme: Wonder Doggie & Friends
Dog Model: Khaleesi